There is a war raging in America. The participants are the 'Haves' against the 'Havenots'. The 'Haves' control the game, and the 'Havenots' are slaves to the matrix in which they have no hope but freedom. And unfortunately, there are still those who are so nerd, that they would fight to protect the lie of the matrix all around us. This is so, because they either fear change and have become complacent with their lot, or they have become so engrossed in their conditioning that they are not even prepared to consider any other truth but what they have been led to believe. This is not what America was built on folks.

I understand that in the past there was a remark made by a communist leader. It was said that we (America) would be overcome by their system without having even one shot fired. Well I would say that this prophecy has come to pass. We, the people, of the United States of America have become so entrenched in the muck of our system, our matrix, that it is going to take one radical bitch on wheels to shake the sleep out of your eyes, and the cobwebs out of your head.

If you really believe that the medical establishment is so concerned about your life, then tell me, why don't the hospitals in every city have the names, addresses, and qualifications of every modality available? Why isn't the education of the patient a priority in the fight against disease? And why is the licensed drug cartel so prevalent in the commercials of the day? Do you really think that they aren't receiving a bankroll sufficient to put a colony on the moon just for keeping you on some pill in the case of allopaths, or repeated therapy in the case of chiropractors? Did you know that in 1999 the highest paying lobbyist was the medical community? 93 million dollars is what they spent that year just to buy their place in the future.

Are you ready for me?

Why do you allow for their presence to continue? Don't you know that you hold the power to change it all? It's called a boycott, and all you have to do is learn the truth and then stand by a decision to not be led through your nose to the slaughter house. You do have it within yourself to understand the secrets of the human body. They don't want you to trust in that ability. They want you to put your faith in their particular elixir instead. And they feel that by making you dependent on a continued effort on their part that they deserve the earth, the moon, and the stars. All the while, the answer is potentially within your own body.

When Grandpa was in the hospital back in August I had discovered the information on lemon juice for dissolving and passing gallstones. I brought this information to the attention of the gastrointestinal specialist in the area. I figured that he would, as a caring and responsible angel of mercy, which of course is how he portrays himself to be, want to know about the gift that God has given us. What he told me is ludicrous to imagine that a health professional would think, let alone vocalize out loud. He wanted to know what the active ingredient was, and said, "If it was that simple, why isn't everybody using it?". Of course you have to realize that he is so nerd, so helplessly dependent on the system that he is not ready to be unplugged, and would fight to protect the matrix that he is hooked into. Do you want to be led by someone such as him? Are you happy with the wires that are sapping your Btu's? Now, coppertop, do you really think that you are free?

October 21, 2001

Wake up! and get involved.

The Shepherd's staff.

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