In October of 2002 I was a part of the Body, Mind and Spirit Fair in Enid Oklahoma.

At one point a gentleman came to my booth to look over my documentation. When I began to explain to him my grandfather's discovery of how many facets were on the superior surface of the atlas, the man finished my statement and said that there were actually two pairs of facets there.

I was amazed, and smiled as I asked him how he knew that.

I nearly scared the information out of him and it took him a bit to recall who he had heard that from. He finally remembered the name: Stephen Jay Gould, Ph. D. He said that Dr. Gould had come to his high school where he taught biology and interested the students in more than one error in the anatomy textbooks.

Upon searching for information on Dr. Stephen Jay Gould, I never did find anything that made the information on the correct architectural design of the atlas known. The man visiting my booth was not sure where Dr. Gould came upon the information either. It would be interesting to know if Dr. Gould had discovered this fact from reading Grandpa's literature.

Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist

Posted: June 18, 2003.

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