At Oakwood Christian ...

I had contacted Oakwood Christian Church in Enid, OK and reached the voice mail for Gary Templeton the minister of the church. I left a message explaining to him that I had the scientific evidence to prove my grandfather's argument regarding the truth of the human body and gladly offered to bring the physical proof to the church for discussion.

Since I had not reached Gary Templeton personally, I gave him a few hours and returned my call. I could tell right away from the tone of his voice that he couldn't believe that this weirdo had actually called him back. He then told me that he didn't need a skull and crossbones to do God's work. (In my message I had told him that I had an actual human skull as proof. I had intended to sit down with him and show the architectural design of the facets that held the head. I figured that the man had a mind to think for himself. Apparently I was wrong.) I was taken aback by his remark and then asked him, "Sir, how can you expect to do God's will if you refuse His gifts?". I don't remember any further exact exchange of words now, but I do remember something said about the Bonesmen, a fraternity at Yale. I am already aware of George Bush's position within that group and it struck me as odd that this subject was even raised (by the minister). And our conversation was, I'm sure, abruptly ended.

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