Blue Cross & Blue Shield Staff

January 20, 2003

Dear Sir

Since my initial contact with your organization on July 1, 2002 I have been in a state of hopeful anticipation.

As you can see from the enclosed documentation I am through being nice. You are now served notice that until I see evidence to the contrary you are like most chiropractors to me, foolish and uneducated.

I have now published our correspondence and will continue to do so until you get off your butt and do your job right. I am SURE that there are many out there who will feel the same.

When you are finally willing to invite me over to Tulsa to learn what my grandfather (Dr. Earl Franklin Craton) developed first-hand you know how to reach me.

Personally, just for your information: I don't hold an insurance policy. I don't need one. Eventually the public will feel the same when they continue to see your lack of payment for services such as mine. This should have been an easy task of showing intelligent scientists a better way. Now it is what it is.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist


Mailed: January 23, 2003
Delivered: January 27, 2003

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The rod of iron.
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