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July 1, 2002

To Whom it May Concern

I have been directed to approach you in order to discover the method of achieving a credentialed status with your organization in order to be a provider on your network. I understand that currently there is no credentialing application or contract for my specialty of expertise.

My title is that of a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist. My training has been one of fourteen (14) years under the master and founder of the new science of Nerve Signal Interference Removal. His name was Dr. Earl Franklin Craton, D. C., Ph. C.; he was also my grandfather. He has recently passed away after a long and rewarding life of nearly one hundred years.

Before he left, we were victorious when we stood in unison against the chiropractic authority of this state. They have been given every opportunity in order to turn and accept Grandpa's research which allows for a more perfect scientific delivery of their basic objective of getting sick people well.

Unfortunately change in the established field of chiropractic comes much too slowly. And so, through the guidance and directive of my grandfather I am bound to the dream of his vision for a better world.

I have been trained in the specialty of removing nerve signal interference, whether the originating cause is one of a physical, chemical, or psychological nature; I have been well educated in the procedures needed in order to restore a proper nerve signal which is required in a healthy and adaptive body. The crowning glory of this achievement is to accurately assess the position of two joints. These joints are the sacro-iliac joint and the occipital/atlas joint. Both can subluxate, or partially dislocate, and both have the ability to create a normal, yet damaging compensating stress on the spinal column.

Once these joints are in a proper articulation there is no need for the spine to compensate and a properly balanced frame will result. This is the underlying cause of health in the human being since the brain and body are able to achieve an accurate communication.

I realize that an understanding of my talent is better achieved through visual aids. I am willing and able to meet with anyone who is either open minded enough, or responsibly bound, to discover what I have to offer to the world.

I have already achieved a high degree of success in explaining to the ordinary layman what Grandpa's work would do for them. Upon my freedom of expression these people wish to benefit from my wisdom and background. They are in a position to accept what is rightfully theirs (their health), but unfortunately the system has become a "dragging brake", as Grandpa would say, in need of changing for the better.

Please help me to allow for the freedom of choice that every single citizen of this great nation is entitled to make. In the end, the cost of health care will plummet, the labor force will remain in tact, and we will achieve what Clinton set out to do back in the '90's.


Tammy Joy Kennedy
Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist


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