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December 18, 2000

To Whom it May Concern

December 4, 2000 I had a telephone conversation with a Dr. John Chambers, Executive Director of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners. I had called in response to a letter that I had received from the Office of Attorney General, State of Oklahoma (copy enclosed). Dr. Chambers was VERY hostile and attempted to intimidate me. He said that he would see me in prison for practicing chiropractic medicine. When I tried to explain to him that what I was practicing was not chiropractic he lamented that I was going to drag my grandfather's technique through the mud and taint his (Grandpa's) good name. He ended up hanging up on me. I, of course, when I realized that I could not reason with him had just told him to "Put up his dukes!".

Upon reaching the Assistant Attorney General, Walter W. Jenny Jr., I discovered that his position was that of attorney for the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners. We had a pleasant conversation and I was able to explain to him about Grandpa's struggle to bring the chiropractic profession out of the dark ages. He told me that Grandpa's work needed to be in the colleges and that I was going about my quest wrong. I then explained to him that Grandpa had already taken his technique to the colleges and that it was NOT being taught in spite of the fact that he had been recognized as the very BEST in his profession. I also told him that when Grandpa had the chance to put his work in the colleges he had told them that they could not teach what was right on one hand, and what was wrong on the other. And, that if they wanted his technique in the colleges that he would have to weed out the chaff. Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the reason why his work is not being taught in the schools.

Mr. Jenny then told me that I needed to speak with Dr. Chambers. I then recounted to him what Dr. Chambers had said. He told me that he would speak to Dr. Chambers for me and we ended our conversation. About an hour later I received another call from Mr. Jenny asking me to attend the next chiropractic board meeting in order to explain to them that my work was NOT chiropractic medicine. I accepted the invitation. He told me to expect a letter from him with the date of their next meeting (January 19) and the formal invitation. He said that I would need to respond to the letter reserving my spot on their agenda. To date, I am still waiting for that letter.

I am SURE that I should have no problem in getting the chiropractic board to realize that what I do is NOT chiropractic medicine IF they have ears to hear my plea. If, however, they attempt to process me, there shall be such an outcry that the very pillars of this nation would be shaken. Not only would the position of the massage therapists and other peripheral health care practitioners be at stake, but the very RIGHT of the people to make their own health care choices would be usurped.


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Mailed: December 22, 2000
Delivered: January 2, 2001
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