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Bones-R-Us writes:

Little hard up for news today arent we?

Licensed medicine man complaining about an unlicensed witch doctor? Or as McCoy might say, "Im a Nerve Signal Interference Removal, not a chiropractor". How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb? Only one, but it takes 12 treatments.

Outraged! writes:

The scariest part about this whole thing (and there are many scary things) is an elected member of the city council and attorney saying he has a "problem with free speech".

You can hate what she does and think it's dangerous (and I agree totally), but to complain about Pegasys letting her have a tv program (if she's doing something illegal PUT HER IN JAIL!) is just silly.

That statement is another example of how a small group of people want a total dictatorship in Enid.

knows the truth writes:

John Hodgden clearly has an agenda against PEGASYS. Why else would he, an officer of the court sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States be against freedom of speech? Your newspaper should do some more investigating about how this program was pulled from the air in the first place. If the city, John Hodgden, local chiropractors, or ANYONE else thinks Tammy Kennedy is doing something illegal, they should file a lawsuit against her, not punish PEGASYS.

Tammy writes:

The thing is that I've already worked on certain chiropractors in Enid and Tulsa. Question: If I'm doing anything illegal why do the chiropractors want my services at all?

Frank Kampschroeder writes:

Tammy Kennedy has proclaimed that she is to be accepted into the healing arts. My question is, "Where is the accountability". "By whom has she been credentialed by to confirm that indeed she has met all the requirements to practice her disicpline?"

By definition, who has entitled her to the confidence that she claims in her said discipline? This alone is the main problem. Tammy has not met any National, State, County or City credentialing requirements, only those of her own making. This is not acceptable. There must be accountability.

Enidite.... writes:

Who cares.... I know of a nurse with a revoked licence working at a dermatologist office and nobody cares she is using her RN for employment. Maybe someone should check into our doctors and nurses, etc.. to see what's going on in this town. I wonder how many are getting away with this???

Tammy writes:

Boy am I glad to actually have the opportunity to make this statement publicly.

Regarding Kampschroeder's comments: "Tammy Kennedy has proclaimed that she is to be accepted into the healing arts."

Tammy: Actually I have proclaimed that Dr. Craton's work is alive and well and against all odds, available in Enid, OK.

Kampschroeder: My question is, "Where is the accountability".

Tammy: Accountability is to truth, God, and the people.

Kampschroeder: "By whom has she been credentialed by to confirm that indeed she has met all the requirements to practice her disicpline?"

Tammy: My credentials come from the founder himself, Dr. Craton; it took me twelve years to achieve this respect and position.

Kampschroeder: By definition, who has entitled her to the confidence that she claims in her said discipline?

Tammy: Dr. Craton and the people.

Kampschroeder: This alone is the main problem. Tammy has not met any National, State, County or City credentialing requirements, only those of her own making.

Tammy: I think I answered this above.

Kampschroeder: This is not acceptable. There must be accountability.

Tammy: I must say here that at the time that I examined Dr. Kampschroeder in his own office and then proceeded to use his own adjusting table to correct the position of his sacro-iliac joint that he was not concerned about legislative accountability at that time nor was he even interested in the time that I spent to achieve my status in the healing arts. All it took was for me to tell him that I was Craton's granddaughter and knew the work. His testimony at that time was that the legislative body of the state had spoke of Dr. Craton and even said that if he ever got the chance to learn his work to jump at it. Well you can guess just how far old Frankie jumped. Not very. And THIS is the REAL problem. What to do when the doctors and other authorities refuse to be held accountable to truth, God, and the people? Learn just what it means to be an American citizen and then stand by it as if there is no tomorrow. Freedom rings!

Confusing writes:

Why are you all even giving this lady any attention.

She has a history of harassing church pastors and her ramblings on her website are just plain strange.

If people are stupid enough to go to her for these things then that's their problem.
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Reality checker writes:

Ok, so it's been established that Kennedy is not licensed, accredited or recognized by the medical field. It's also been established that claiming yourself as a healer, and practicing in Enid, is acceptable, even if it's not true. Why is this so hard for everyone to understand? Kennedy is not in any way a medical person. Osmosis doesn't count, Kennedy. If I watched Quincy, do you think I could pass as a coroner? Let me help you....NOOOOOOO. If I helped my grandfather pick grapes at his vinyard, does that make me a wine expert? No, it would make me a grape picker. It applies to you too Kennedy. If you want acceptance, respect and recognition for what you do, go to school, work your time, get accredited, and prove your work. This is what we do in America in the real world. Grow up and welcome to reality.

Oh Righty Then writes:

Mrs. Kennedy.....your a nut!!!!

Tammy writes:

Well since I've got everybody's attention now, I would like to first comment that this is actually old news. January 19, 2001 is the day that the field was established legally; at that time the Board of Chiropractic Examiners failed to find me guilty of practicing chiropractic medicine and we went our seperate ways.

But, should anyone care to tune in for more details you can be on the lookout for Channel 9 news.

Nuts R U writes:

How many of us folks that attended church with Tammy, remember her standing up and proclaiming that she was Jesus Christ? Jesus was kind and loving, the impression Kennedy left with me was that she was off Prozac too long and the only one she loved was herself. And I really never saw or felt the kind part, either. Who ever heard of anyone being kicked out of one church for behavior, let alone two?
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Clarification: Actually there was only ONE restraining order granted. The "minister" that requested this action was Alan Seibel with Davis Park Christian Church. And, he requested this action twice since he failed to get what he wanted the first time around. Why he refused to see his responsibility or step up to his job in protecting my life from my then physically abusive father is beyond me. He will have to answer to God for his error, his ignorance, and his flagrant unwillingness to hear. My father, at least, learned the lesson that God meant for him in that whole experience and has since changed his attitude and his church. And quite frankly, the ONLY reason why this ONE restraining order was even granted, is because I had initially made the request for others to contact Alan in order to give him their opinion about the whole affair. That information has now been changed, and, had it been presented in the current manner the restraining order would NOT have been granted at all, since after all I really was no threat to Mr. Seibel or his church to begin with. I had only asked for him to help me by listening to my plight at the time. He obviously did not feel the need to hear my concerns or my vulnerability and the ONLY action that he took was to block me from HIS congregation.

The bible said it best: "They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God. These things they will do because they have not known the Father or Me." - John 16: 2-3.

And to set the record straight I never claimed to BE Jesus. I only acknowledged the fact that Christ is ALIVE IN ME, which I do believe, is the whole point of becoming a Christian to begin with. You see, following Christ has so much more to do with SACRIFICE than getting what you want or desire, and I wish people would begin to realize that fact. Being Christ-like is hard, very hard, and entails being persecuted by the mob for going against the status quo and logically challenging the established authorities that are now ruling arbitrarily. They say that history repeats itself. So what is different between now and then? The church has effectively done the same thing that the Jews did by NOT receiving Him. Okay, the flesh is different, but what difference does that make? The Spirit is the same. And this time around it is promised that He will TREAD THE WINE PRESS OF THE FIERCE WRATH OF GOD, THE ALMIGHTY (Ref. Revelation 19: 15). Now that I have suffered the brutal loss of my only child, even my family is now prepared to accept the righteous anger that God must use to do His will. And His will is to rise up as a witness (Ref. Zephaniah 3: 8), which at the least, is what I am.

Tammy writes:

In America the two authoritative bodies in our fair land are the church and the state. Well as you can see from the position and silence of the state that just maybe it was appropriate that the church would be confided in. Do you not think that if the conscience of Christ moves through me and with what I know of healing from the 75 years of research and clinical expertise of Dr. Craton that just maybe I could heal the sick, etc.

Do you not remember the story when Jesus entered the temple and cast out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the moneychangers and the seats of those who were selling doves (or today maybe T-shirts or candles, etc. would be a good example)? Just how do you suppose He was seen by the pharisees (church heads) at that time?

As Jesus Himself said:

"They will make you outcasts from the synagogue, but an hour is coming for everyone who kills (starves) you to think that he is offering service to God. And these things they will do, because they have not known the Father, or Me." - John 16: 2, 3

If anybody else wishes to comment I would hope that they would find the guts to put their names on the note. I believe that I have said enough.

Nuts R U writes:

What? So now you are healing in the name of God? Please take a format and stick to it. Do you claim to be healing for your grandfathers' sake or God's name. And please be careful, because lest you not forget. Oh ye be weary of false prophets, for they are everywhere. Not verbatim, but you get the point. And from what I have seen and heard about you, personally and professionally, I have yet to see any sign indicative of any selfless act on your part. Give it a rest, get a job.

Yvonne Kennedy writes:

The callous lack of caring shown our family by the minister of Davis Park Christian Church is also evident in SOME of its members, as shown by the comments of Nuts R U, who is so full of hate. And all in the name of Christianity? How sad!

nuts r u writes:

I'd have to question why a Christian organization would treat any family callously. I wonder if your family has any responsibility on that.

Also, there is no hate for you or your family in any e-mail sent by me. However, there is anger and astonishment in the fact that Tammy is still playing make-believe and involving innocent people in her charade. That is not hate, it is my opinion and documented fact.

All righty then writes:

I'm curious as to why there's been no response to the comments by Nuts R U, only attacks. Nuts R U is only responding to Kennedy's comments, but Kennedy keeps changing the subject when Nuts R U replies. Perhaps, Nuts R U has given Kennedy something to think about??

Tammy writes:

The thing is Connie(?) that I haven't worked on you. This translates to the fact that you actually do not KNOW if I can help you or not because you haven't given me the chance.

The thing is further Connie(?) that you only have the right to make that decision for yourself. You have NO right to make the decision for others nor do you have the responsibility to keep others from being properly informed so that they might be ALLOWED the opportunity to make their own decisions.

This field is logical and I have been properly trained to describe it in terms that laymen can understand if only they will spend a little time in thought and contemplation on the subject matter. If a person wants their doctor to tell them if this works or not then they have assumed that their doctor knows the subject matter. And, I must tell you plainly that until the doctors are willing to fully investigate what I have to say as a scientist, then they really do not KNOW themselves. And that is where moral, not legal, but MORAL accountability comes to bare.

Nuts R U writes:

First, I'm not Connie, and don't know a Connie. Second, I do have the right and responsibility to express my opinion and thought to others when there is any act going on that is not on the up and up. It is not only my responsiblity but my social and moral obligation to let others know about the facts. That is where the moral point is.

it's simple, really writes:

Tammy Kennedy is operating on the fringe, if not the outside, of the boundary of the law. The headline in the newspaper is pretty correct. Tammy is basing her argument on semantics. She says what she is doing is not endorsed by or taught in chiropractic training, therefore shes not breaking the law by practicing unlicensed chiropractic. After looking up what this involves, I, as a lay person, have to conclude that its a potentially dangerous adjustment shes making. Her grandfather, no doubt revered, had the benefit of chiropractic training to aid him in making this kind of adjustment. Tammy has not had the benefit of this training or years of experience. Therefore, what shes doing is dangerous and needs to be stopped. The AG needs to make a ruling on this immediately.

bonus point writes:

Thank you Tammy Joy! Having too long suffered the loss of Byron Carr, (who would gladly rearrange our desks) we now have someone who will rearrange our necks. P.S. Where are you David Stanley in all of this?

still confused writes:

Tammy jay.

After reading all these email, I must wonder why you won't respond to direct question, and when challenged you simply change the subject and go in another direction and simply avoid it all together.

But it is nice to see that your family supports you as we read from bonus.

I would also like to ask.

Who pays for your craziness.

Tammy writes:

Well Still Confused since you asked like that I guess I need to give you all a little more direction. First I must say that I am sure that some of the people that have posted negatively are more than likely probably aware that they have already had their questions answered. And, my family has been gracious enough to put their names on the notes yet I am pleased that others who have not are beginning to see this for what it is.

You should take a look at the comments that I have posted under the letters to the editor from the doctors. I believe that should settle anyone's true concerns as to my accreditation. And by the way accreditation is defined as the state of being credentialed, authorized, or certified.

Since Dr. Craton's work is immutable it is inappropriate that it be under the jurisdiction of any previous scientific body since his work has been proven to be superior. But, you should know that I am currently attempting to sway the chiropractors at the Board's level to learn what I know so that the issue of the public safety is respected and embraced fully. Should this take place I would be paid by the chiropractic institution itself and then one day you might be able to actually receive a superior service from even your chiropractor, and maybe one day your osteopath, and maybe one day your medical doctor, etc. You see the work is just that good.

Jeff Sherrill writes:

First of all everybody is misunderstood. People are looking at the City of Enid and the AG's office as trying to shut Tammy down, and that's not true.

Tammy's trying to shut them down.

And to all you so-called 'christians' you believe that it is normal to speak to God and to pray and to believe in Him existing. But when someone approaches you and says that God has spoken to them and that they have seen Him, you figure "Well then, they're just crazy because God doesn't work like that.". So how can you call yourself a christian if you only believe that you can speak to Him if in fact, He DOES exist? So if He does exist why can't He talk to you? Sounds to Me like a hypocrite. And what is the meaning of a hypocrite?

It took Tammy three years to convince me that she knew what she was talking about. Then I gave in and let her look at me and she told me what was wrong with me AND FIXED IT. I haven't had back pain in what, a year, so I think everybody should get off their high horse and go about their own damned business and let Tammy go about hers. She's not hurting anyone. She makes sure everyone knows her status as to what she does. She has also said that she knows she would be the one responsible for her own actions and NOT the chiropractors nor the AG's office. And they would definitely not reap any of the rewards. So I'm for her. to Jeff's story

Tammy, please tell me writes:


You have said it both ways... do you or do you not perform MANIPULATION. Does it go 'pop'? Wouldn't it just be less controversial to go to medical school and become a licensed chiropractor that specializes in this sort of thing?

nuts r u writes:

Issues were not addressed. I am not whoever it is you said I was and I am not a member of Davis Christian. So, there's an institition and another person you owe an apology to.

Give it a rest.

Tammy writes:

If anyone actually wants to discover anything scientifically you may reach me through my e-mail address. I'm sure you should have no problem finding me, just check the search engines for Tammy Kennedy.

I have answered your questions here yet certain people are still playing games. Simply, I don't play those kind of games. If you want to learn something then approach me personally through my web site contact info.

Planet Tammy writes:

Well your not going to answer any of the question put before you.

I am not going to e-mail you at your web site and have you have my e-mail address, I have tried to read the mumble jumbo on your site, which is nothing more than a self-idolizing memorial. You really do live on the planet Tammy.
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Crazy is crazy does writes:

Why Tammy Joy Kennedy is given any credence whatsoever is totally beyond me, and I think most people I know.

She raves on and on about her grandfather's work and this is the real is her grandfather's work not hers. Even if he trained her in his work every day all day...she is not her grandfather and not a professional anything. You cannot become a medical professional that way...period. If you could we would all go to our local doctors and sign on as apprentices. What she learned from her grandfather is one viewpoint, formal medical education teaches various philosophies and you have more than one professor so that you obtain a broad knowledge base which avoids turning out practioners who are biased and are prepared to utilize many treatment methods. One method does not fit all patients.

Tammy's insistence that she be taken seriously falls on deaf ears for anyone that has seen the lengths she will go to in order to terrorize others. Restraining orders are not issued without just cause. Think about that folks. I know many of those she has gone to great lengths to terrorize, unjustly. She is totally inconsistent in her statements. She tells us she is professional yet she slanders and impunes anyone who asks her to be accountable? The Lord I know and serve performs miracles everyday and I believe in miracles but I also know that you should beware a tree that bears both good and bad and that He would not use such a person in the ways Tammy indicates. Someone with such a vengeful nature is unlikely to recieve special messages written on rocks from God. Even if she has helped a few people, why take the risk when the potential is there for so much harm? You are better served by going to a Board certified professinal.

In closing, let me be clear, this message is for the public, please beware. I am well aware that this message will only serve as another indicator to Tammy of how misunderstood and mistreated she thinks she is.
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Tammy writes:

This is for Crazy is as crazy does (does your family call you that too?):

You said, "Even if he trained her in his work every day all day...she is not her grandfather and not a professional anything."

Since Grandpa, the founder of the new field, said I was ready for the task and legally authorized my position as a Certified Nerve Signal Interference Specialist I suppose you believe that my grandfather's credentials were bogus and that he did not know what he was speaking of?

You said, "What she learned from her grandfather is one viewpoint, formal medical education teaches various philosophies and you have more than one professor so that you obtain a broad knowledge base which avoids turning out practitioners who are biased and are prepared to utilize many treatment methods."

The fact is that Grandpa was able to succeed when the M.D., the D.O., the D.C., and other so-called professionals failed. Why is it so hard for you to believe that one man might know so much? Do you believe in the healing power of Jesus? He was one man and I am sure that He did not attend the recognized schools of His time. Remember, He too claimed to know His Father and this is the path that I have chosen also.

You said, "I know many of those she has gone to great lengths to terrorize, unjustly."

I suppose that Jesus too was considered to terrorize unjustly when He upset the church leaders of His day. I'm in good company. But if you really must know what that whole thing was about then you have to go ask my earthly father what he did to me that he ended up knowing in the end that he was wrong in doing.

You should know that the definition for slander hinges on the word calumny, which is defined as a FALSE statement maliciously made to injure someone. I'll let you look up impugn (the correct spelling) for yourself.

You said, "Someone with such a vengeful nature is unlikely to receive special messages written on rocks from God."

So you would explain the verse: "But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner's fire and like fullers' soap.", from Malachi 3: 2 as a lie? Or I suppose that you believe that the mentioned refiner's fire and fullers' soap are something else again?

You said, "when the potential is there for so much harm?".

How do you know what that potential is if you are listening to a doctor who is misrepresenting the facts and covering up the research?

You said, "You are better served by going to a Board certified professional."

Well YOU are better served by going to a Board certified professional because I wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole. And that also goes to anyone who refuses to take to task the responsibility of knowing the truth on this and making up their own mind regarding the subject. But as a reminder to everyone, I worked on three Board certified professionals and one minister in the Enid community. This took place years ago now and no 'fluff and bluff' was thrown up at that time because they were glad to receive my expertise in the silence of their own home or office. And yes, I helped each and every one of them.

And finally I don't think I am misunderstood or mistreated any more than Jesus was.
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not confused anymore writes:

Alrighty then Tammy so now I am not confused, not only are you a movie and T.V star and producer, but also the leading medical authority on everything, a leading scientist,and you sound as though you are saying not only are The Chosen One, but in fact you are Jesus Christ.
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Tammy writes:

W.W.J.D? If the crucifixion fits, wear it.

But then again I understood the church to be eagerly awaiting the return of the Christ so that they could follow Him into God's Kingdom. Oh that's right, the sky had to rip apart first and then the church was going to get out of here before it got really bad.

How bad can bad get? The death of truth and accountability in the seats of authority has pretty much been sealed. Why are you all still looking for what you think is going to happen instead of realizing what is going on under your own noses?

"The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, 'Look, here it is!' or, 'There it is!' For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst." - Jesus

"Therefore wait for Me," declares the LORD, "For the day when I rise up as a witness. Indeed, My decision is to gather nations, To assemble kingdoms, To pour out on them My indignation, All My burning anger; For all the earth will be devoured By the fire of My zeal. "For then I will give to the peoples purified lips, That all of them may call on the name of the LORD, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder.

Are you ready yet to serve shoulder to shoulder with Christ?

wondering writes:

Has Tammy Fae been put in jail yet?

or committed?

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