December 28, 2002

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Dear Mr. Wallace:

I am Yvonne (Craton) Kennedy, daughter of Dr. Earl Franklin Craton, D.C., Ph.C., and the founder of NSIR, Inc., (1985) which stands for Nerve Signal Interference Research, and the original Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist. Regrettably, Daddy passed away on January 13, 2002.

Dr. Craton was a renowned chiropractor who was always striving for excellence in his care of his patients.

Dr. Craton graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, on March 11, 1925. As a chiropractor, he helped many people live healthier lives. But, in his quest for excellence, he was disappointed about the people who did not respond to his treatments, and he wondered why he could not help them all get well.

This led him to take a closer look at what he had been taught in Chiropractic College. He searched for answers and better ways, and conducted his own research and created his own unique way of giving adjustments.

He noticed by looking at human skeletons (rather than plastic ones) that the first vertebra upon which the head sits, has four (4) facets. This fact is not correctly presented in the textbooks.

He discovered that by adjusting the head instead of the atlas, (which is contrary to what the chiropractors are taught in their colleges) he was able to help many patients who had not been helped by other methods.

These patients had been going to see other chiropractors, osteopaths, or medical doctors without success, and often suffered multiple ailments.

His patients had one theme: "Doc, you've got to get this out to the world!" They experienced the difference in the help they had received from him, in contrast to others, and without him, they did not know where to turn. For this reason, Dr. Craton felt, to put it in his own words, "duty bound" to get his method to the world to help mankind.

Dr. Craton did his best to get his discovery taught in some of the Chiropractic Colleges, but to no avail, because, even though some wanted it, Dr. Craton insisted that his method could not be taught side by side with their old ways of doing things. This meant they would need to change their whole curriculum, and they were not willing to do so. It, evidently, would have been too much trouble and too much expense for them.

I, personally, know the value of Dr. Craton's work, because I, as well as the other members of our own family, have continually benefited from his knowledge and technique.

Among our family members is my daughter, Julie (Kennedy) Boles. At a very young age, she fell from a slipper slide and had bad headaches, as a result. Later, as a teenager, she fell off of her bicycle and broke her arm, and also hurt her neck again. In later years, she had a car accident that gave her more problems. In each of these cases, Dr. Craton adjusted her in his own unique way, and she was back to health again.

Dr. Craton was worried that his research and technique would die with him, and tried to find someone who would continue his cause. The patients he helped so much also wanted to be sure his work survived.

In 1988, Tammy Joy Kennedy, another of my daughters, drove from Wichita, Kansas to Granbury, Texas, where Dr. Craton lived at the time, to have him adjust her, because she knew the value of his work, and she knew she could not get his quality of service elsewhere. He did her so much good, she became interested in his work, and wanted him to teach her to be a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist, like himself.

She learned from him for 14 years, and Dr. Craton signed a notarized paper stating Tammy was ready to take on the duties of a Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Specialist.

Because it is so difficult to bring about change, even though it is for the best, Dr. Craton struggled to try to further his work.

Tammy has also struggled, as she has taken the torch from her Grandfather (Dr. Craton). She has helped people in her own right, but is in need of being paid what she is worth.

I am writing to you, to see if there is anything you can do, to see that she can receive insurance payments to help for her treatments, like other health care methods are receiving? She has tried repeatedly to be considered for this with your company. What would it take for this to happen?

Like Dr. Craton and my daughter, I would be heartbroken if my father's wonderful contribution to the world would be lost. Progress should never be stifled, because that is the way we get a better world, and health is so important to us all.

I am still grieving the loss of my Daddy. Please, is there anything you can do to be sure that his wonderful gift to mankind will survive? It is important to note that he developed his own technique around 1958.

My Daughter, Tammy, has a fire to further Dr. Craton's work, but she is struggling financially, and needs to be paid for her services.

Hopefully and sincerely,

Yvonne (Craton) Kennedy
Daughter of Dr. Earl F. Craton
Mother of Tammy Joy Kennedy

P.S. As a point of interest, Tammy's quest has brought her to the place of having the President of the Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic Examiners of 1995, as her client in 1991. She is serious!

c: Dr. Rodney Huey, M.D.
Tammy Joy Kennedy
c/o NSIR Technologies School of
Alternative Healing
114 East Broadway
Suite 302
Enid, OK 73701

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