December 13, 2002

Ms. Tammy Kennedy
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I finally found the time to view and dub the "A day in the Life". I found it informative and enjoyed watching it. I do want to change the disclaimer at the beginning and end to fit Tulsa Public Schools but will still leave the credits, stating that it was in part produced by Pegasys. That would protect us from any complaints, though I seriously doubt we will have any.

The following are the tentative dates "A Day in the Life" will be televised. I use tentative only in the case of it needing to be preempted in case of emergency or loss of power etc.

Thank you for the program and good luck to you in the future on spreading your message throughout the Chiropractic field.


Roger E. Shideler
Television Manager

January 7
January 9
January 14
January 16
January 21
January 23
January 28
January 30

All programs will be shown at 6 p.m. on School TV Channel 20.

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