Injunction issued closing alternative-healing school

By David Zizzo
The Oklahoman

ENID -- Tammy Joy Kennedy says she has balanced people's heads on their spines as taught by her grandfather, a chiropractor.

Kennedy, 39, who is "mooching off my mom right now" to make ends meet, insists she doesn't do what chiropractors do. "I'm not a chiropractor," she said Tuesday.

A Garfield County judge Monday granted a request by the Oklahoma State Board of Chiropractic Examiners for a temporary injunction against Kennedy's business, the Nerve Signal Interference Removal Technologies School of Alternative Healing. The board argued Kennedy was engaging in chiropractic without a license.

Kennedy won't be able to operate her business until a permanent decision is made, Associate District Judge Richard Perry ruled.

The state attorney general's office in November 2000 sent her a letter ordering her to cease practicing chiropractic without a license.

Kennedy said she has helped 250 people in 16 years. She said she has received fees up to $1,000, although "predominantly, I've been giving it away." For $150, she offers an introductory course in the method she said was originated by her grandfather, Earl Craton, who died in 2002.

"I haven't got any real takers yet," she said.

She said her grandfather split with mainstream chiropractors in 1996 after discovering a basic belief of the profession was flawed -- that the head rotates on two "facets." She said Craton found that the head actually sits on two pairs of facets.

"He developed this, he discovered this, and nobody's listening."

Ron Tripp Jr., president of the Board of Chiropractic Examiners, said facets are the hinge joints of the spine, but, he added, "I'm not sure what she's referring to" with regard to what Kennedy said was her grandfather's dispute with the chiropractic establishment.

Tripp said he is not aware of any publications Craton had written, "if he had written any, ever being adopted by any chiropractic college."

On her Web site, Kennedy lists her goal as: "To be the tool that will destroy the current system and thereby herald God's Kingdom."

Correction: The judge did NOT order the NSIR Technologies School of Alternative Healing closed. He did, however, order that the cornerstone of the work not currently be allowed to benefit the public.

Comment: I wish the press would do a sufficient investigation as to why this unique research has continuously been suppressed as it has. Since the chiropractors put so much stock in what happens to this research, I feel that perhaps the press should pay a little more attention, if they do in fact present the news as they say they do. Do you suppose, just maybe, this field could then set so many people free? Lord knows it hasn't done the slightest bit of harm!

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