Dr. Earl Franklin Craton, who lived nearly 100 years, is to be commended on his clinical expertise and independent research. He has over seventy years experience in his field and has taken the first crucial steps toward a more perfect science. It is this information that I draw upon in my effort to help mankind into a better world.

My name is Tammy Joy Kennedy. I am Dr. Craton's first-born granddaughter. I have apprenticed directly under my grandfather for 14 years. I've also been on this quest to improve the healing arts since May of 1988.

I have spoken with chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors, physical therapists, anatomists, hospital & college administrators, and even preachers in an attempt to show the "authorities" what Dr. Craton developed and have found that I am wasting my breath. I am tired of shouting in the desert and have decided to deliver my message directly to the people in order to allow the world to consider this philosophy intact.

May God bless.

NOTICE: The NSIRTECH.COM web site was originally written for the layperson in the hopes of alerting the public to healing options that should already be readily available to them. Inevitably much of the web site took on the form of a documentary as the so very many contacts with different "authorities" were made, since 1999, in an effort to make the NSIR work available to the public through an already established medical field. Although the established fields have to date successfully resisted needed change, we have discovered that we were successful in becoming an authority on the world wide web, and we are aware that we have received numerous visitors from many colleges around the country including, but not limited to, the prestigious Harvard University.


This web site has been known to cause a sense of confusion, agitation, and downright disillusioned state of mind.

If you are not used to thinking for yourself, then you probably won't be ready for what I have to tell you. If, on the other hand, you possess a free spirit, buckle your seatbelt, the ride is about to begin!

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