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April 3, 1992

Dear Doctor Phillips:-

The March 27, 1992 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic relates the activities of the Federal funding for AHCPR and that you and Dr. Dan Hansen are serving on the Advisory Guideline panel for low back pain. This was of particular interest to me because of my own problem of over fourty-five years of trying to obtain relief.

I am a retired (1984) Carver, D.C. Forced to take early retirement because of my back problem, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides & circulatory problems of the lower extremities. Dr. Raymond Nimmo, my brother-in-law, now deceased, had treated me for years which helped me to function between episodes of total disability. Triple heart by-pass, artificial lower abdominal artery and upper femural replacement and an orthopedic surgeon's examination revealed two lumbar discs had completely degenerated; was the clinical picture when I asked Earl F. Craton, D.C. to see what he might be able to do.

Immediate improvement was experienced and within two months I had resumed golf and was enjoying an active productive and pain free life style after my right sacroiliac and O/A subluxations were adjusted and tonoplasts of the ropy muscles were disbursed along with those in the golgi tendon organs of plus tone thresholds. I now enjoy a life style that most men my age (76) only dream about. I know the expertise of Dr. Craton is responsible for removing the cause of my long years of painful suffering. My circulatory problems are gone. I enjoy a near normal life style, and I also know my case is not an isolated case but can be consistently repeated where correct chiropractic expertise is available.

This report of my experience is voluntary and it is my hope it will be brought to Dr. Deyo's attention as a very unique and effective method for low back problem cases caused from nerve signal interference of the neuromusculoskeletal systems of man, the biped.

Sincerely yours,

M. W. Holmes, D.C. (Retired).

By Earl F. Craton, D.C., Ph. C., BD CHM NSIR, Inc.

Man, the biped, is still in the process of evolutionary adaptation from the quadruped to the biped. The pelvic modification to support and balance weight and still maintain versatile mobility on two body supports has created a functional demand of pelvic and lower extremity structural modification. The study of comparative anatomy reveals the validity herein stated. Since functional demands always precede the structural developments of modification the existing structural design must assume the stresses of demand and thus are vulnerable for injury or aberrant position. The illium/sacral articulations and different lengths of the lower extremities are two examples of stress areas of biped vulnerability for injury that results in neuromusculoskeletal stress commonly recognized as low back and leg problems stubborn in correction.

I graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic March 11th, 1925. The present date is May 20, 1992. July 6th will be my 90th birthday. Last Monday A.M. I was in my garage work-shop tinkering with some tomato plant racks and a young man of 32 years knocked on my closed garage door and motioned me to let him in. Don, is an x-patient who had unsatisfactory medical and chiropractic care some ten years ago. He made an uneventful recovery from a single visit to me and asked me to fix him again from a recent accident. I explained to him I was no longer in practice and had elected not to renew my License and to find himself another doctor. He said; "I've been to four or five and it's the same old story. No results." So, I adjusted his right illium on his sacrum and he left symptom free and very happy. This scenario is not unusual. A simple adjustment of the illium to where it belongs on the sacrum removes the cause of the neuromusculoskeletal problem and normal function follows.

Office management does not teach you how to correctly adjust an illium or an O/A (occipital condyles on the atlas) subluxation. Our colleges are mired down in traditional vertebral subluxation mythology. D.C.'s should be expert in eliminating NSI (nerve signal interference). Vertebra do not subluxate, -- they compensate for subluxations between the cranium and atlas or subluxated illium on the sacrum. These compensations may be stressful to the extent of many pathologies which in turn cause NSI as secondary nerve insult. Any kind of manipulation may result in a temporary fix but until the primary cause is eliminated, --- NSI will return.

If you desire to be expert in NSI elimination contact the M & K Enterprises, 306 Sierra Vista Dr., Spanish Trail Addition, Granbury, Texas 76048. They can teach you to be expert in eliminating NSI and that is what chiropractic is all about!

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Reed Phillips D.C., President LACC

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