A little more than 100 years ago two new sciences were born. These sciences were Osteopathy, founded by Andrew Taylor Still in 1874, and Chiropractic, founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895. In the day that these sciences emerged it was extremely commonplace that men would learn their art through an apprenticeship. It was also commonplace that these men would study under a family member in order to attain to the status of "Doctor".

I do not claim to be a doctor of any type. But, I do claim to know the work of Doctor Earl Franklin Craton. He is my grandfather and I have set at his feet for over twelve years now. If the date were 1900 instead of 2000 I would have easily been known as a specialist in his field. His work is not Chiropractic, Osteopathy, or any other established philosophy or technique. It is peculiar to the knowledge that he has gained during his 70 plus years of clinical practice and independent research.

He has attempted to illuminate the chiropractic profession. Unfortunately many of his colleagues have become accustomed to their mindset, status, and paycheck. No one has come forward from his profession to take a stand and establish the truth that he has dug out. This is quite an injustice when you consider that his technique is the one that chiropractors choose for their own benefit when given the option.

During my quest to find a doctor that would learn his work I have helped three professionals that sported initials behind their names. And yet, I am not a doctor with any formal training, I am simply Craton's granddaughter that claims to know the work. For these men my training under Grandpa was sufficient to accept my analysis and adjustment, but it was not sufficient to bring his philosophy to the forefront of their practice. Why? Did I not do the work properly? Did I not explain to them that he gets $2500 for the service that I provided? Or are these men comfortable in their positions?

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I have inquired with the state's insurance commissioner and have found that the system is not set up for change. I understand that a chiropractor can charge any fee he feels he is entitled to, but the insurance companies will only pay up to a certain amount per visit. I also understand that the insurance commission is not currently equipped with the ability to determine total cost for treatments rendered. Instead the commission's focus is to be sure that the doctor is licensed, and that services were actually performed. If there is no complaint from the patient as to invalidate the doctor's expertise the doctor gets paid.

I have worked for an insurance company in the past as a temporary employee. I had privilege to the files that showed the cost over time for numerous cases. I will use one as an example. The patient had been in an automobile accident and had been hit from behind. The obvious problem was whiplash. He had been to the chiropractor for every bit of ten months. His routine was three times a week for spinal manipulation ($50), thermal treatment ($50), and electronic stimulation ($50). The total cost to the date that I saw his file was well over $10,000. I talked to him personally and was told that he had been out of work since the accident. He was dissatisfied with his progress and was wanting to go back to work; he was also tired of hurting. He was scheduled for surgery; the doctor's were going to cut a muscle in his neck in the hopes of alleviating his condition.

The rainbow-covered lodge. His problem was a subluxated occiput that no one had the skill to assess or correct. The cost to get him well would have been $2500 had he seen the right man. Tell me. Where are the brave souls that will stand up for the truth? Where are the people that will make a difference for the future generations? Where are the ones that will put justice on the table for all mankind? And where is the movement that will strive to see heaven on earth? Or is it going to be business as usual?

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