Did you know that in a free society you have the right to make your own decisions regarding your and your families health care? The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States of America was written to preserve this all important freedom of choice. In fact, were it not for these ten Articles, and in particular the First Article, the United States of America would not exist.

Today it is a well known fact that this freedom is under attack by a bureaucratic government in which we have trusted to protect it. I have been told recently by the liaison for the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board that yes I have a right to talk about the discoveries of my grandfather, Dr. Earl Franklin Craton. As a result, you have the right to hear about these discoveries. But controversially, I have been told that although you might choose Craton's methods for your own health care, you can't receive the art from the one who knows best how to deliver the techniques. Instead, under the law, you must hope that a doctor somewhere is humble enough to come to me in order for me to teach him what he needs to know in order to repeat Grandpa's techniques in your behalf. Now is it just me, or is this scenario completely laughable?

The fact is that our laws were originally created in the hope of defining the moral right. Apparently somewhere in that process greed and indecency has conquered righteousness. But, the beauty of the reason why America exits is still with us. The truth is that when it comes down to a decision for your life, you still have the right to choose the technique that you want to preserve it, and you have the right to receive that technique from the one who knows it best. And THAT is the unequivocal law of this land that is called, America the free.

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