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  Nerve Signal Interference Removal
  Chiropractic Alternative
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  Nerve Signal Interference (NSI) Removal

Any advertisement link listed above labeled under "Chiropractor" is presented as such because the advertising merchant had already elected to place our information under that category. In that the merchant has no "Chiropractic Alternative" listing to be categorized under for accuracy and fair competition, and, we are in fact in direct competition with chiropractic "therapy" in order to best serve the public, we present the following disclaimer:

Please remember we are a revolutionary ALTERNATIVE to chiropractic "care" and we make absolutely no claims whatsoever to be practicing chiropractic, in any form. We also make absolutely no claims whatsoever to be a practicing chiropractor or doctor of any type. We have however, since 1991, repeatedly serviced chiropractic doctors, at these doctor's requests, in an attempt to cause the chiropractic industry to raise their standards. Idealistically, we have believed that if we could help the chiropractic doctors, which we did, then the chiropractic doctors would be willing to let Dr. Earl Franklin Craton's life's research out for the public benefit.

Unfortunately, the chiropractic industry has, to date, refused to make badly needed changes to their current stunted paradigm or standard. They have also elected to take this matter to the level of a turf war and are actively making a grab for power over Dr. Craton's life's research in an attempt to control their competition. Since Dr. Craton's life's research has proven to be much more effective than chiropractic there is a real chance that once the public catches on to the pertinent issues regarding this dispute that chiropractic will be either forever changed, or altogether abandoned.

Finally, it should be noted that the only paid yellow pages advertisements that we currently have are with Sooner Publishing, Marketing & Creations, Inc. since they have readily and accurately accommodated our unique needs in advertising.

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