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Welcome to the basics - part 2.

These instructions are written with the right handed person in mind. For 'lefties' just consider right as left, and left as right.

Where do I cut or copy from?

You can 'cut' or copy from just about anywhere. Simplest is to cut or copy a piece from an e-mail containing a small html code fragment (a snippet), or from the source of a web page. Cutting/Copying directly from a web page when seen in your browser may get straight text but will not give you the html code for it! However, you can cut/copy code directly from a textbox (shown below) without problems.

What is a source file?

A source file is all the html (and sometimes javascript) commands that your browser uses to display a web page.

It usually looks full of stuff like this:

<font size=2 color=red>
Hello World
<a href="">
<click here to see my face</a>

Weird, but effective!!

How do I cut or copy?

cutting Put your mouse pointer at the start of the code you want to cut/copy. Holding the left mouse button down drag the mouse pointer to the end of the code you want to cut/copy. Release the left mouse button. The code that is ready to be cut or copied looks like the picture on the right.

cutting more Click on edit from the top menu, then select either cut or copy and click once.


You can right click with your mouse pointer in the selected area and then select cut or copy from the pop up menu (shown on the left) and click once with the left mouse button.

That's it. You have cut or copied some code.

What you have 'cut' disappears from the document and goes to the clipboard - a special part of your computer's memory - and can be retrieved from the clipboard (as long as you have not cut anything else to the clipboard :)

Where do I paste?

html looks like this You should 'paste' stuff into the BODY of your html file. The picture opposite shows you where. Sometimes, if you have a *free* site or a banner exchange, there may be 'stuff' in front of your html and sometimes there may be 'stuff' after your html .... IGNORE IT!!!

Be very careful that you do not paste your new code in the middle of two tags. Watch that all of the font, bold, center, and table tags have been closed in the spot you choose to paste your new code, and all will be well.

How do I paste?

getting ready to paste Open the file where you want to paste the piece of code you have cut or copied. Move the mouse pointer to the place in your file where you want the new code to be added, and click the left mouse button.

Click on edit from the top menu, and then select paste from the drop down menu (shown on the right) and click once.


You can click your right mouse button and then select paste from the pop up menu (shown on the left) and click once with the left mouse button.

You have successfully pasted something from the clipboard into your source file.

What do I do then?

finally done All done - your html source file looks like this.

The final step - save your work!!

Using whatever is your normal method, save the modified source file so that it gets moved to your web site space.

You have now finished your cut and paste, ready for the world to see.

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