NOTE: The following is being presented as a public service in documenting the pages that I have sent to the different insurance companies. The reason for this inclusion is to show the potential use of our work by Dr. Bartell in his clinic. Lord knows that I am not aware of a single chiropractor out there who has been able to collect these types of fees except for Grandpa. And, since his fees changed so dramatically (from $30 a treatment) I feel that it PROVES his attempt to use our work although he has NOT been trained or tested sufficiently in order to pass our rigorous standards of excellence. Please notice the yellow highlights below.


Updated April 27, 2002


Alternative Cancer Treatment Center 

Center using Cancer Alternative Medicine for Natural Healing
We are an Alternative Cancer Treatment Center using Alternative therapy for Natural Healing and Restoration of the Body

Complete Program

   This 5-day intense natural holistic program begins Monday morning with a complete evaluation.  After the evaluation, specific therapies for the week will be recommended as needed in addition to the immune support and detoxification schedule.  Dr. Bartell will give a detailed report of findings on Thursday.  Recommendations will then be made and a natural medicine at home program will be outlined.  Your initial phone consultation with the doctor is provided at no charge, to determine if Dr. Bartell can help you.        Alternative cancer treatment

Call Toll Free 877-544-HOPE (4673) to find out more about this program. Alternative cancer treatment


  • Initial Exam

  • Patient's  History Taken Alternative cancer 

  • Complete Physical Alternative cancer treatment

  • Blood Chemistry & Cell Counts

  • Comprehensive Chemistry Analysis

  • Anemia Factors Alternative cancer

  • Immune System Analysis   treatment

  • Daily Consultation with the Doctor

  • 24-Hour Urinalysis Testing

  • Digestive Ability of Various Food Types

  • Nutrient Assimilation Levels

  • Urinalysis Pathology Screening

  • Vitamin & Mineral Levels Alternative cancer 

  • Toxicity Level of the Tissues   treatment

  • Metabolism Analysis  Alternative cancer 

  • Immune System Evaluation  treatment

  • Dietary Intake Evaluation


  • Emotional Health Consultation

  • Emotional Evaluation   Alternative cancer 

  • Identifying Emotional Roots   treatment

  • Release of Emotional Blockages

  • Tools for Continued Healing & Growth 

  • Four Consultations During the Week

  • Intravenous Therapy  (may include the below)

  • Detoxification Infusion  Alternative cancer

  • Nutrient Infusion   Alternative cancer treatment

  • Immune System Support Infusion

  • Anti-Inflammatory Infusion   treatment

  • Daily Infusion

  • Body Type Detoxification Program 

  • Body Type Evaluation & Identification

  • Aroma-therapy   Alternative cancer treatment

  • Therapeutic Circulation Massage 

  • Lymphatic Massage with Natural Seed Oils

  • Nasal Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  • Directed Cranial Oil Therapy Alternative cancer

  • Ozone Steam Detoxification Process

  • Four Body Type Detoxifications  cancer

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Additional Therapy as Needed


  • Program Recommendations

  • Individualized Dietary Program

  • Complete Natural Health Program

  • Written Report of Findings

  • At Home Therapy Procedures

  • Therapeutic Nutrient Recommendations

  • Other Therapy Recommendations

  • Follow-up Evaluation Schedule

Cost: $2,500

Follow-up phone consultations, office visits and or testing will be recommended in the weeks or months following, to monitor progress.  For chronically ill patients, 2-4 weeks of continued therapy may be necessary. 

Cost $1,700 per week.

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