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Tammy Kennedy writes:

Well as you can see public, the chiropractic politics I told you about is still out there. I would like to reiterate that it was Dr. Tom Smith, D.C. that was the very first chiropractor that I ever worked on, all the way back to 1991. The story at that time was that I had helped him when not even one of his colleagues could duplicate what I had accomplished. I ended up working on him a total of three times.

Not only did he pay me a whopping $50 salary for my expertise, but he took me out to the Oakwood Country Club, and City Boots restaurants introducing me as the granddaughter of a famous chiropractor who used to practice in the community. And, he still owes me a dinner to this day that I never even made the attempt to collect on. He has owed me this dinner, which he agreed to pay, and I never tried to collect on, for more than five years now.

Do you really think the chiropractors are telling the public the truth in this matter? He just doesn't want the truth being found out that the chiropractors have been fleecing the Enid populace for the last decade or so. And if PEGASYS doesn't come to see this in the near future and stand by their duty to the First Amendment, well then, I guess there won't be any need for a vehicle for the First Amendment if the First Amendment is dead in Enid.

Do you think?

And again, as far as Bill Gamble and his "hatchet people" are concerned it seems to me that the OBVIOUS SOLUTION is a RECALL!! Maybe then the American populace can breathe easy and feel that they have a right to speak in good old Enid America.

Terrorist attacks?! And imagine, from the domestic side. God help us.

And finally, if the chiropractors make any attempt to duplicate my methods then they have stolen the work by watching my programming and trying to learn it by osmosis. This is why I made the announcement in ĎRed Fuzioní that the chiropractors were not skilled. I didnít want them to pervert the work by not learning it properly and then go and hurt someone because they didnít spend the time needed to be adept in the procedure.

PEGASYS, are you listening?

I'm in a good mood today writes:

Who bothers to watch Pegasys anyway? It is the biggest waste of money and bandwidth I can think of. A good reason to go to satellite TV if you ask me. The cable company charges for this service and it reminds me of having to pay two bucks extra every time I buy a car tag, just so the donut eating highway patrol leeches can keep their welfare jobs. Why is the highway patrol getting a raise when just a year or two ago they were going to have to layoff troopers because of the fund shortage? Back on topic, once again, who watches Pegasys? Do they need to take up three channels of the cable? And even if a person did watch Pegasys, who would bother to watch this quack that has caused such ripple in the smooth waters of the licensed bone poppers?

Ngoodnight writes:

Tom Smith behaves like a child with power...a dangerous combination. I can't imagine anyone with a life devoting any time to watching Pegasys. Very few of its programs are tolerable and little of it could be considered entertainment. Educational? I think not. Most people don't have the personality or charisma to be on t.v. trying to teach or share information in an effective manner. As for this little article...did it really have a point? Other than displaying MR. Smith as someone who likes to beat his chest and threaten establishments in public. What an ugly life to be a part of.

Craziness writes:

Why does everyone want to put responsibility on PEGASYS for whether she is doing chiropractic techniques or not?

PEGASYS has clear rules and regulations. NO ADVERTISING. That's what she was found in violation of. They aren't judges or doctors (the courts haven't even decided if she's guilty yet).

This chiropractor needs to back off them and handle his own problems. How dare he admonish them for how they run PEGASYS. His selfish short-sightedness would effect every member.. not just Tammy Kennedy.

Duck writes:

Chiropractors and holistic healers?

Quack, quack

Good Citizen writes:

How dare anyone, even Good Mood, disparage our fine law enforcement officers?

Sure, they may eat a doughnut or two on occasion, but have you been watching the price of doughnuts? Without a pay increase, they will leave their profession, and just think of the economic impact THAT would have on the doughnut establishments of Enid! Two dollars is a cheap price to ensure the economic well-being of our American society. You can't expect them to risk their lives every day for nothing, can you? Those fine officers never know when they leave their homes whether they'll be returning home again after their shifts. Heart attacks can strike at any time. I think that $2 surcharge should be doubled.

ThoughtsOnFreeSpeech writes: writes:

It seems that Enid Public television has become a free speech outlet for every local wacko with an axe to grind. One remembers a couple of years ago when PEGASYS aired a series of Neo-nazi pseudo-documetaries claiming that Auschwitz never happened and the number of Jews killed during the holocaust was vastly exaggerated by a shadowy cabal of Jewish bankers and media moguls. It seems yelling Free Speech is the new blanket immunity for all forms of bad behaviour and it is little surprise that Mrs Kennedy used to work at the Enid Public Library, where the free speechers working there, will defend to the death, internet users right to view hard core porn sites while sitting next to your twelve year old children. No Mrs Kennedy, you do not have the right to set up your painted wagon and hawk your snake oil wares on the public dime. My taxes paid to the City of Enid are not meant to be a welfare progam for your personal enrichment. You want to practice medicine? Go to med school. Otherwise we'll have to give every Certified Med Aid, who thinks their a New age healer a prescription pad and let 'em have at it.

go ahead and scream writes: writes:

Tammy, you can complain all you want about whether chiropractors are competent; however, the fact remains that they are licensed, you are not. That won't change. Either get a license yourself, or move on.

elcox writes:

Wow, (Golly gee, Wally) here we go again. The argument presented by Tom Smith is fairly amazing. Don't you think that if Tammy was dangerous then this would be the time for people who have actually been worked on by her to be standing up and saying so? No one is stepping forward with these kind of accusations. Except for a certain doctor who obviously has a pretty intense God complex. It would be sad if this person actually has enough power to take away Tammy's rights to speak which was given to her by the first Amendment. Please tell me, fine city of Enid, that you will not let this happen. What a tragedy that would be.

Steve writes:

Tammy, I don't know you, never seen the program or been to any of the "bone poppers" that are mentioned but what it comes down to is this, if you want to practice medicine, you got to have that paper on the wall. There simply is no "shortcut".

elcox writes:

Censorship, censorship, censorship ...


PEGASYS Supporter writes:

Seems to me as though PEGASYS is simply allowing Dr. Smith the same freedom of speech they allow to Tammy Kennedy to voice an opinion. Whether one agrees with him, or her, or neither of them isn't the question. Some people only believe in free speech that agrees with their point of view. The PEGASYS Board of Directors is to be commended for allowing ANYONE the opportunity to express themselves about matters of concern to PEGASYS at the monthly board meeting.

ThoughtsOnFreeSpeech writes:

But you see Elcox, this isn't FREE speech, it's a FREE ride. Mrs. Kennedy is hawking her wares on our tax dollar. If I'm helping to pay for Mrs Kennedy's info-mercial, through City sales taxes, every time I buy a loaf of bread in the local supermarket, It's not FREE. FREE speech would be if Mrs Kennedy, went out and printed of a bunch of flyers at her own expense and pasted them up all over town. That would be FREE speech. Mrs Kennedy's actions on publicly funded PEGASYS, Amounts to PAID speech. I just think it's important that you learn the difference in FREE speech and speech that someone else is PAYING for Elcox.

PEGASYS Supporter writes:

There are NO tax dollars that go to support PEGASYS. Cox Cable made an agreement with the City of Enid to donate 5% of their gross revenues to the City for upkeep of PEGASYS. These funds come from the franchise fee paid by cable subscribers only--a by the people, for the people process. Currently, the City keeps 25% of what they get from the cable company and only gives 75% to PEGASYS. The plan by Mr. Gamble is to take an additional 5% in fiscal year 2004-2005.

elcox writes:


Are you saying then that Tammy should not be allowed the benefits of her American citizenship? Tammy was giving information to the community. Information that she believes in. Her right as a community member who does pay taxes and has fulfilled Pegesys requirements to do so. Why should her rights be revoked? There are other people/business entities that do the very thing Tammy does. Like mentioned before the Gaslight promotes it's shows, Enid News and Eagle has put on their own informational show. These are all businesses that "push their wares". Why does Tammy get singled out and have her rights taken away.

Just doesn't seem right.

Tammy writes:

Hello all:)

The thing is that this issue hinges around the very thing that so many people are talking about in other ways ... the future of medicine, and, how itís paid for. Thereby, the ones who stand to lose by the inevitable change that is coming is none other than the ESTABLISHED fields. This affects all in medicine, insurance, and yes even the government, churches, etc.

As you can see by the opposition that has reared its head, simply, the change is going to run everywhere.

I tell you I just can't wait for the day when God's kingdom is allowed to shine as brightly here on earth as it does in the plane above. And yes, I promise you, IT IS coming, in fact, it's already here.

God bless all of us; please, it's time to accept His gifts.

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