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elcox writes:

Does anyone out there wonder why this has become such a big issue all of a sudden? The original meeting Tammy had with the chiropractic board was over three years ago now. I know there has been no complaint by any of Tammy's clients. I also know that there is one doctor of orthopedics out there who was very interested and concerned about Tammy's ability to do what she does. He made it a priority to discuss this subject with her rather than focusing on his responsibility to his patient. I wonder if he is now behind spurring the chiropractors into action so that he can try and discredit her for any future court appearances? The truth will come out, and the truth is still the truth no matter who Tammy is. Her identity and beliefs does not change what happened. The truth will be known and I am very much looking forward to that day. I know there are some there in Enid who are frightened of that truth, as well they should be. It is only a matter of time...

lullaby writes:

It's the American way to crush the "little people". I just saw on the news today that a 19 year old food establishment was "forced" to relocate so a strip-mall could be put in its place. People are greedy, people feel threatened, people react. Some people have gifts and if this woman isn't hurting anyone and people choose to come to her, what business is it of anyone else's?

Bob writes:

Headline should have read "JUDGE CLOSES MEDICINE SHOW" Snake oil cures found to be common creek coloring and a drop or two of Jack Daniels.

Justin Ford writes:

I think the first few comments posted here miss the central point of this case: professional licensure. Professions are created based on a unique set of knowledge, which is employed by a specially educated group of people. This system is necessary to ensure that clients/patients of the licensed professional receive a minimal standard of service/treatment. It is the responsibility of the licensing body to enforce the standards of the profession on the licensees and to ensure that those who are not licensed do not practice.

The insinuation that a professional organization is interested in crushing little people is a mischaracterization of the situation. It is the goal of the chiropractic board to safeguard the standards of practice it establishes. Therefore, it will target anyone who is in violation of these standards.

That this process takes years should also not be a surprise. Looking back over all the events in this case, the initial complaint resulted in a request from the chiropractic board that Ms. Kennedy not continue certain practices that required a license without obtaining such a license. It is her failure to meet this request (by ceasing the procedures OR obtaining the license) that resulted in the recent legal action. The board likely prefers not to engage in legal action, but felt it was necessary in this case.

Point of Order: writes:

Just because you WANT to be able to heal people doesn't mean you CAN heal people. She has neither the knowledge, training, or skills. Just a self-confessed desire and a semi-famous grandfather.

If someone was selling rat meat and calling it hamburger you'd want THEM shut down.. wouldn't you?
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Tammy writes:

If anybody doesn't know it yet, chiropractors were only licensed in the 1960's. Chiropractics has been around since the 1890's. Now doesn't it seem just a little strange that this non-licensed profession for about 70 years would now claim that it is necessary to have a license to do something that is not chiropractic?

Looks to me like they really are scared of the competition that I can bring upon their little nick of the woods. Oh, but there are the osteopaths ... I suppose that the osteopaths are practicing chiropractic too? Or perhaps the chiropractors are practicing osteopathy? The bottom line is that I don't address the spine directly nor do I perform spinal manipulation or adjustment in any form. My attorney said it best yesterday as he leaned over the table, "I am now AFFECTING the spine, does that mean that I'm practicing chiropractic? Of course not!"

He also said that NSIR came from chiropractic as America came from England. He is so right. And yes, this is war.

Anonymous writes:

Thank you Justin for the unbiased insight! I think you hit the nail on the head.

Did I miss something writes:

This may have previously been discussed, but I have an obvious question. Why doesn't Tammy Kennedy go to Chiropractic school or whatever and get licensed? It may be a long process, but if she's that passionate about it, why not get the licensure required? Then, she can take what she learned from her grandfather and perform the maneuvers, only with a Chiropractor's license behind her.

lullaby writes:

My point was, people are choosing to go to her...for whatever reason. Either they can't afford a licensed chiropractor or believe in alternative medicine. It really doesn't matter. If she is lying and telling people she is licensed, then that is a problem. If people WANT to eat "rat-burgers" and know that its a "rat burger" then let them eat it. Every day we are finding out that what we have learned years ago is wrong. Cigarettes are unhealthy (not everyone knew that), that one miracle diet drug turned out to be dangerous, and do cell phones really cause cancer? Medicine and psychology are constantly changing. License or not, people make the choice who they want to see. If something is working, why not just let it work? The woman probably should get a license, just to get people off her back (no pun intended).

Tammy writes:

Thank you lullaby for being willing to basically point out that if you choose to cross the street or drive a car, that there are risks, yes, but aren't we as American citizens allowed to make those decisions for ourselves without having to be involved in all this red tape?

The point is that I and my husband can both enjoy the luxury of what Grandpa's work has to offer when it comes to our health. That is the privilege between husband's and wivesí. Some things just can't be touched by the government.

So basically, now that the state is trying to stop MY services, I can step to the side, turn to the husband's and wives' and then educate and instruct them how to take care of themselves, which is my main objective in the end. I don't want to charge for my services in keeping people coming back to me. I want to be able to allow the public the same luxury that I have available to me. And I don't hurt!

So as far as the law goes, I can talk about it, I can legally show my programming because of the First Amendment privileges, well maybe not on PEGASYS but that doesn't stop me from going to the Convention Center, or churches (yeah, good luck with that one). The public has a right to hear about it, and I can legally teach it, or I suppose we are going to see an attack on the home schooling programs next? The work is basic, not needing all the things that medicine of all forms say that they need. Why? Because Grandpa did truly discover the real cause behind chronic diseases. And yes, people if they choose to learn it for themselves, can do this with the proper instruction, and I can guarantee you that their chiropractor, osteopath, or other licensed practitioner can't show them how to fix these problems. And I guarantee you that I will NOT show the chiropractors, osteopaths, or other licensed practitioners how to fix these problems at this stage of the game. Call me crazy, selfish, or delusional if you want to; I really don't care. Point being is that we are the source for the answer when it comes to these things and certain people in Enid have done nothing but made it really hard for people who need my help to get my help, because now they have to either learn it for themselves, find a family member who will learn it, or heaven forbid, convince their doctor to come learn from me.

And no, I do not intend to pay $100,000 to buy my chiropractic license when chiropractics is trying to steal the work off of me. After all, the science works, no it is not chiropractic and yes, it is safe. I've tested the hypothesis by working on stroke victims, epileptics, paralysis cases, fibromyalgia cases, etc., etc. and no harm has been done.

And one more time, the only healing that takes place is inside you. No doctor can heal, that gift is from God, and they should know this. To put a twist on this, are we going to license the gifts from God?

elcox writes:

Lullaby, What an enlightened concept, letting people make choices on their own. You must be ahead of your time there in little old hicksville. But those people back there must think that on the eighth day God created licenses and their governing bodies. And Lord knows that that license protects all of the patients they touch. That is why there is no need for things like sentinel event policies with the Joint Commission that investigate unexpected deaths in people who are admitted to the hospital and are supposed to be monitored by the finest of those licensed doctors and nurses, right? Silly me, what could I be thinking?

Sheri writes:

Whether or not she learned how to do some manipulations from her grandfather or developed her own are not the point. She is not qualified to do any type of procedure on the human body. By qualified, I mean she has not received the training that is required, nor the licensure. She not only does manipulations, she suggests 'home remedies'. Herb treatments. All professionals are monitored by the state, and in turn, this protects the public. We are required to carry insurance, in case anything we do causes harm on another person. We have guidelines we must adhere to in order to keep our accreditation. Our actions are monitored and if we are found to be lax in our care, we lose the priviledge of caring for patients. How would you feel if you were in the hospital and found out your 'nurses' were really only the child of a Registered Nurse who taught them the practice? Or your surgeon was the grandchild of a surgeon who learned by watching. Standards of Care. You, our families and I deserve nothing less. Go to school, earn the right to practice like every other professional. No one says she can't practice in Enid. They are only requiring her to be certified.

Tammy writes:

Well actually Sheri, just two short weeks before my daughter went in the hospital, I had spoken to Karen Worsham, the medical staff coordinator at St. Mary's. I did this for the intention of bringing the Craton X-ray Series to Enid on the instruction of Dr. Thomas Smith, and yes, I do have this conversation on film. This show was later blocked by the PEGASYS staff because I had made the mistake to tell them about the PROOF of Smith's involvement with me. This show was August's show, and as she laid on her deathbed her own innocent voice was silenced and NEVER heard.

Back to Ms. Worsham with St. Mary's, I explained to her my reason for presenting the information to her and also explained my background. She was so taken by what I had to say that she wanted to bring me on staff at the hospital IN MY CAPACITY, basically as a doctor, but found that since I did not have a license that a prerequisite to my services being offered at the hospital was that a doctor would need to SIMPLY take me under his wing. This meant that a doctor would have to be willing to look at the work LONG ENOUGH to know the significance of what it could accomplish. Well, as you can see, the doctors don't feel the burden of responsibility to investigate research that might stray from the status quo. Now does that mean that I'm wrong and they're right?

Well, all I can really say is that August survived the collision when 90 people would have died on the scene of the accident according to the statistics we were given. The doctors didn't expect her to live, and when she did, they were both amazed and apparently threatened by the research that I presented to them for her benefit. Now, do you think they listened in the ONE case that they had a responsibility to listen to? All I know is that she should be here, and she's not.

Now, does anybody else care to make the pathetic comment that the system works as it was meant to?

Tammy writes:

A correction and clarification to my last post: The statistics were that 90 out of 100 people would die on the scene, another three would not have survived the surgery, another four would not have lived past the following week. And August did make it into the 3 percentile survival group aside from the doctors expertise. The healing force that carried her there was gifted to her at the time of her birth, and then fostered throughout the years by my and Grandpa's services. In fact, her capacity for adaptation was insured just two days previous to the accident and was captured on film and then broadcast in the 'Red Fuzion' program. The doctors were amazed at her resilience and capacity for health, and then they tried to take the credit for it, instead of respecting the Creator God that was obviously trying to teach them something.

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