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knows the truth writes:

If Tammy Kennedy was never given specific criteria about what was not allowed on PEGASY programs, then how does she know that others were worse violators? If you want to do a story about the suspension, get the WHOLE story. Don't just take her statements as facts.

Heather writes:

All Pegasys producers are given a very detailed list of what can and cannot be shown on Pegasys. I'm a member, I know. Gaslight (a not for profit organization) cannot say prices on Pegasys; they can only say "For Ticket information call ..." Tammie knew what she was doing.

Incorrect information writes:

The Board is not voting on whether to end Tammy's program or not. She was on probation for commercial content in her last show. She has requested a full Board review of that decision and clarification on what constitutes "commercial" content.

Tammy's suspension has already ended and she is free to air programming that follows PEGASYS policies.

enid resident writes:

Every member of Pegasys is given a detailed list of what they can and cannot do.

Tammy writes:

The PEGASYS programming committee decided that because I had offered my services absolutely free of charge on the behalf of minors that my statement "inferred" that I charged adults. I mentioned no prices nor made any other valuation. I did answer a question on the film, which was, in my opinion, inappropriately twisted by the PEGASYS committees.

Come to find out Carol Lahman, the official complainant, has misused her office as the City Attorney by presenting her complaint as if it was coming from the City of Enid. Basically, the filed complaint is at this time fraudulent. I spoke to the Mayor on this.

The original complainant is Dr. Tim Teske, D.O., according to a recent document that I received from Carol Lahman. Teske is of course a licensed osteopath and orthopedist at St. Mary's and Integris Bass hospitals. I do know that Wendy did face a man at the beginning of all this who came into PEGASYS raising hell; when Wendy offered the form to him in order to file his own complaint he walked out saying nothing. John Hodgden, a City Commissioner, then became involved, as did Carol Lahman.

There is more to the story, but that will all come out in time.

elcox writes:

How someone with any kind of logical mind can construe the statement that "Minors are free" is commercial is beyond me. Heather, you say "Gaslight (a not for profit organization) cannot say prices on Pegasys; they can only say "For Ticket information call ..." Tammie knew what she was doing." The fact that there are tickets being sold and a real phone number given which can be called is much more commericial than informing parents that if their child is suffering pain there is someone in the community willing to help this child without any money changing hands. This is absolutely ridiculous. The board said that this statement of free care inferred that there was a cost for adults. And is Gaslight simply giving away their tickets? Exactly where is the continuity? Could someone please explain this?

Because it is really hard for me to see.

knows the truth writes:

Sounds as though elcox doesn't really have a clue as to what "commercial content" means. There is a world of difference if a for profit business and a licensed non-profit group like Gaslight Theatre. However, PEGASYS holds both types of entities to the same standards--no talk of money, fees, price, etc. Not only did Kennedy say "free to 17 and under" on the tape, an 18 year old said "What about me, I'm over 17?" to which Ms. Kennedy responded with something about "bartering." If that's not commercial, then what is? Public access television is designed to be informational in nature. It's perfectly ok for Gaslight Theatre or any group to tell the public about upcoming events and then to say "For more information, call..." PEGASYS is NOT the enemy here--they are just trying to make sure there is equal access for all. Rules cannot be totally black and white--some words ok, some not. However, people who are promoting a business can and will be stopped from destoying everyone else's right to free speech.

elcox writes:

My goodness, knows the truth, you seem to have very detailed knowledge of the program. This program was only aired twice, the first time very late at night. Very interesting you have so much invested in this. Wonder if your perspecitve might be skewed. I wonder what from.

I can say that "bartering" is not really commercial in my mind. There is still no mention of any money changing hands. Commercial to me entails money. There was no fees mentioned or even implied except to people with a very vivid imagination. This program had the intention of informing the average citizen of an alternative health option. This to me is an informational type of program. In no way is it obvious to me that it is commercial. I wonder what anyone else thought who has actually viewed the program who does not actually have an agenda.

Dad writes:

Dear Knows the Truth

For you to say the rules cannot be black and white tells me that you think one set of rules applies to one person and another set of rules applies to someone else.

I know that's the way this town operates. I have been here for 25 years and have never seen a town with so many political problems. Freedom of speech? Well that's for the rich, right?

If rules cannot be black and white that means the Constitution is not black and white. Is not the Constitution a document which we based our nation on full of rules? Aren't we supposed to follow them as American's? Rules apply to everyone; there is no exception and apparently the PEGASYS board needs to construct their own set of rules to guide them.

Tammy writes:

Here's a question for you.

Does the Gaslight Theater pay taxes on their REVENUE from ticket sales? If so, then that REVENUE does not fall under the 501c3 heading for non-profits and instead qualifies as a profit venture and therefore is equivalent to a for profit business.

On the other hand, as a for profit business, I have in action given more to the community than the Gaslight Theater because I have REALLY given, which means that I have not been consistently paid, although I AM entitled to my support same as any other hard working American. The thing is that everybody is so God-awful scared of the gifts that I am offering that do you really think I would be able to survive as a for profit business if I didn't give away my services in order to let people in on this. Anybody else out there think this is ridiculous yet?

knows the truth writes:

Yes, the Constitution of the United States is black and white, but it is "interpreted' by the legal system hundreds of times every day in a court of law. Likewise, the PEGASYS Board of Directors interprets their rules & regulations to the best of their ability. If Ms. Kennedy thinks she has been wronged, and that her program was not commercial in content, she needs to take it to the Board, as is her right. Criticizing other groups does not help her case, it just endangers their right to use PEGASYS.

elcox writes:

The legal system does interpret the constitution. But it does not change it's interpretation on a whim depending on what parties are involved. The courts rely deeply on precedents and once those precedents are set then the courts usually follow those unless there are extenuating circumstances. Many times in court the lawyers will bring up precedented cases to make their point. It is uncommon to have multiple interpretations of similar situations. So, if Pegasys is going to be fair then it must now hold all programming to the standard that was set by this ruling. That is only logical. I would not blame Tammy if she chose to make formal complaints on any programming that did not uphold this high standard. She and any other entity (even the City of Enid if Carol is so inclined I suppose) has the right to do that. What a busy little board Pegasys will have.

Tammy writes:

Here's a concept for you.

Since obviously the PEGASYS Board seems to be inclined to interpret the rules on a whim basing their decisions on who complains and who gets the axe:

1) The First Amendment is dead in Enid.

2) The next time Vance is put on the hit list maybe the powers that be will take a look at the citizenry's opinion in this matter since after all Vance is here to defend the Constitution, isn't it?

Dad says writes:

Dear Knows the Truth

I have come to the decision the only truth you know is your own ideological perspectives. History shows that singular ideological perspectives have caused the downfall and the ruin of many nations. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Napolean, Genghis Khan, and Hannibal the Horrible.

These people knew for a fact that their way of thinking was the only way to think. These people had one thing in common; they were leaders. The local citizens swore by what their leader said. On a smaller scale when you still consider the ideological perspectives how can you possibly say you know the truth when the only truth you know is yours. I think you are a chiropractor or a doctor, perhaps even an attorney. If you think you're so right how about a name and a face to face discussion.

One more thing, you make me sick.

Dad writes:

To Mr. or Ms. Knows the Truth

A few days ago I brought up the topic of a face to face discussion concerning issues that you seem to "know the truth" about. All this time you have hid behind a computer. Why, I don't know. Perhaps it is because your truths are in reality a result of years of conditioning. I offer again a face to face discussion, a peaceful one preferably. All I ask is that you open your mind.

Rick Heras

PEGASYS Supporter writes:

I would just like to say that I think PEGASYS does a great job. They do so much for our community. I love to visit their website and I have enjoyed reading all the comments attached to the different news stories. I don't know why "Dad" is so opposed to people like "Knows the Truth" not revealing their identity. After all, he didn't reveal his for some time either. I like to read all the opinions, and my definition of an open mind is not name calling or challenges when someone has a different opinion than you "dad", but rather it is listening with respect and allowing others to have a voice, even if that voice is anonymous. That's TRUE Free Speech. Perhaps "Dad" aka Rick is the one with the closed mind.

Tammy writes:

I've revealed my identity from the beginning and no one answers my questions. Instead I get a bunch of doctors, administrators of the City, ministers, and other flunkies who are told what to think talking all kinds of who knows what. All I can say is that I don't see any truth in half truths and refusals to answer.

If PEGASYS is doing such a great job then why don't they put something down on paper that gives a more conclusive opinion of what they constitute commercial programming to be and then stand by it. And while they're at it they are going to have to describe their interpretation of "inciteful" speech or "fighting words". All they've done is say no prices and no calls to action and then failed to define what a call to action means. And then I hear: "Well if anyone complains then we'll have to investigate it." And the complainant who refused to be named is the doctor in charge of my daughter's care at the time of her death! And then PEGASYS says to me "Well think about it from the doctor's perspective." I'd like to know who cares to think about it from my daughter's perspective or how about the next innocent who is killed in a failing medical system. All I did was offer to help the kids for free and warn the parents of the broken system of health care. And I get crucified for it.

Still there hasn't been an honest non-fraudulent complaint filed against my programming to date, and PEGASYS is just going to stand there scratching their heads and say they don't know how to answer except to give the powers that be everything they want because PEGASYS is afraid to get their funding pulled. That is not conducive to free speech. And as far as anonymity goes, sometimes that means that you don't have to be held accountable for your idiot ideas because no one knows who you are to call you on it.

I tell you what, why don't we just take down the "Red, White, and Blue" and start flying "Red". You get my point?

And finally, I would suggest that if "Knows the truth" wants to continue to post anonymously that he or she would find it within themselves to change his or her handle to a more accurate title. Perhaps "Opinionated Enidite" would be more appropriate.

Puzzled writes:

If Tammy thinks PEGASYS is doing such a terrible job, why does she even want to be on their station? In fact, PEGASYS is allowing her to use their own website to denounce them. Sounds as if they ARE doing what they have pledged to do, and that is allow freedom of expression to ALL--not just to those who agree with them. If Tammy wants a definition of commercial and inciteful, she should look to a dictionary. In my opinion, PEGASYS could just as easily ban her show for "stirring up action over an extended period of time (i.e. the definition of incite)" as for commercialism. Why doesn't someone complain about that? Could it be that she is still fighting to use PEGASYS, because the churches, doctors, and chiropractors have already turned down her requests for money in exchange for sharing her 'healing'?

Tammy writes:

See, that's the problem. People think I'm here to make money and that's it. I don't get where you people come from.

If you were listening to my message you would know that I'm here to prove that my grandfather's work beats all other healing methods hands down. That includes chiropractors, osteopaths, medical doctors, preachers, physical therapists, etc. None of these so-called 'angels of mercy' care to know the truth that my grandfather developed. Why? Because it doesn't pay their bills. They don't care to live up to their responsibility to know the truth when it comes to natural healing, and the ministers, so far, are the worst because they claim to follow Jesus, who guess what, healed naturally. Or I suppose one of you fools (yes, Jesus did use that term) are going to say that he did not teach mere mortals how to follow that path of healing the sick, raising the dead, etc? Which one of you 'know it alls' are prepared to be willing to simply shut your mouth long enough to let others make up their own mind as to whether they want Nerve Signal Interference Removal available to them in Enid?

And that's the point, that's where PEGASYS' responsibility comes in. Or I suppose they can continue to warp their interpretation of commercial and inciteful programming if they want to (because after all, it isnít my definition that counts), but if that is the case, then how poor have we become as a community under siege by the elite. People have a right to hear my message, and then they have the right to make up their own minds without being forced into the bureaucratic red tape trap of how to go about getting it through the regular system. And since that regular system doesn't currently have what I have why do you expect that system to suddenly drop what they're doing long enough to actually cater to the consumer that would want my services in order to learn my art sufficiently to become adept at it if that means that the consumer gets well and there is no need for ongoing therapy or repeat purchases?

Do you see the truth yet? You 'know it alls' only have the right to make up your own mind and that's all. You have no right to make up the minds of others. And that is what a free society is all about. Or should we break out the vodka and get ready for the Russian winter?

And no, I have no intention to leave my fair country. I simply wish to see the community/communists stop the madness and let freedom ring.

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