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Tammy Kennedy writes:

Demands! Demands!

Regarding the so-called 'noble' profession of medicine I can only say that they haven't got there yet. Since valid scientific research that has been proven to be superior to the mainstream existing health care methods does in fact exist, the doctors who refuse to listen to and investigate this research aren't a NOBLE anything as far as I am concerned.

Now is actually the time for the public to unite and state their unified informed voice to their representatives (please see the five points below). Trust me, a system does exist that has the capactiy to lower the medical malpractice rates.

That system consists of:

1) a MORAL obligation by the doctors to fully investigate research that works, and this does not just mean to wait for an article to be printed in a journal that they may fully respect. Sometimes the answers come from other fields after all.

2) learn that research completely and then utilize it as it was meant to be utilized.

3) this causes the public safety issue to become a PRIORITY because now there is a SAFER way to solve the disease problem.

4) in the course of time this safer path definitely shows itself because medical negligence, malpractice, and wrongful death cases fall off dramatically.

5) because the insurance companies don't have the increased expense of picking up the pieces of SO MANY SHATTERED LIVES, the cost of premiums then fall off dramatically too.

Sounds to me like a win - win game don't you think?

If the doctors actually end up getting what they want - tort reform geared to the needs and DEMANDS of the doctors - then the 'noble' doctor has no responsibility left! If this lack of responsibility exists, why would anyone BELIEVE that the doctor would suddenly want to be responsible now? Just because it is the thing to do? Don't forget, the profession has, as a whole, worked so VERY HARD to eliminate that responsibility!!

Once again: "If this 'noble profession' is trying so hard to get out of their responsibility, then how can this profession be so noble? Think about it!!"

Heartsick writes:

The chilling statement made by David Stanley, which is: "...ALL DOCTORS CAN BE ASSURED THAT NONE OF THEM WILL BE FINED OR IMPRISONED; SOCIETY NEEDS THE DOCTORS...", makes my blood run cold!

Mr. Stanley, you are right to say society needs doctors. But, you are wrong to assume society needs doctors that injure and kill patients because of their medical errors. Why should killers in the medical field be protected like that?! If it were a killer with a gun on the streets, that killer would be prosecuted. Why do you think it should be any different for doctors and medical people that kill due to obvious medical error? Dead is dead! Loss is loss! Heartbreak is heartbreak! If your loved one was killed because of medical error, would you want the doctors, etc., to get away with it?

I say fine and imprison ALL of the doctors, etc. that kill in this way. That would send the important message to the doctors, etc. that our society takes public safety very seriously. WE WILL NOT LET YOU KILL AND MAIM OUR LOVED ONES AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!

Malpractice insurance would be better served to get rid of the bad doctors, etc. and only let the good ones remain. It would also send a message to all doctors that they better be afraid to harm their patients. Remember, there are many more patients and prospective patients than there are doctors! Public, unite for your own safety! Your representatives ears are waiting.

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