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Tammy writes:

Vicki I would like to touch on a few points regarding your testimony:

1) If the paper was negligent in reporting it was to NOT tell the people that I had worked on chiropractors and which ones they were. In fact, I have no problem with the Enid News & Eagle; I think they have done a fantastic job so far.

2) Dr. Craton himself was in your office in the past in the hopes of getting even you to learn his philosophy and methods. I should remind you that you failed the task but later testified to even me that "the chiropractors NEEDED me (Tammy)". I told you at that time that you all should NOT have caused me to have reason to be mad at you.

3) Regarding the other so-called 'healers' that you have listed you should have already imagined that I have made the same attempts with them that I have with you all. And speaking of these bodies I have no more respect for them at this time than I do for your camp. Each of the fields that you have mentioned are still based on incomplete and potentially dangerous thought processes. This does not say that I know it all; I just know that I know something that REALLY matters that you ALL are guilty of suppressing. All the more reason why my plea to be able to work with the doctors, any doctor, should not go unheeded. After all, we are all humans and obviously capable of fallibility.

4) Obviously the civil liberties aren't completely dead yet, thank God.

5) There you said it: "We are not JUST worried about a little competition."

6) To not have the diagnostic knowledge behind the PROPER procedure IS criminal.

Thank you Vicki for your input; it's been a great opportunity to clarify a few things.

Queasy writes:

This woman's practice of manipulation without a license really frightens me. I am friends with my chiropractor of many years, and have had multiple manipulations over the years - so many that if I didn't know better, I would think I knew enough to manipulate someone else's neck, spine, etc. I have watched Greg perform manipulations on members of my family, and had him explain his procedures. But to take that knowledge and practice it on my own, without the intensive training a chiropractor or oseopath is required to have, is very dangerous and foolish. Without the benefit of diagnostic x-ray, such practice is doubly foolish. It can even be life threatening - if the neck or spine is manipulated improperly, or without knowledge of any serious underlying medical problem involving the neck, the carotids, or the vertebrae, the patient could suffer seizures, a stroke, or simply be paralyzed for life. There are recorded instances of improper manipulations which have resulted in serious injury and death. I would have to say that putting yourself in the hands of an unlicensed practitioner is similar to placing a .22 bullet in your revolver and playing Russion Roulette. Think about it. If you were feeling ill, would you visit an unlicensed physician and allow him/her to diagnose your illness, perform treatments and/or prescribe medications for you? Of course not!

Tammy writes:

Some people just won't listen to the voice of reason no matter how many times I explain it, based on Queasy's testimony.

The fact is Queasy that I simply do NOT perform 'MANIPULATION'. But you all can continue to go on jabbering and trying to convince everyone that I do if you want to. That is your American right. And don't forget you may find yourselves proven wrong in the eyes of the whole world after this is all said and done. I am setting my sights on New York.

And yes I agree with you, manipulation done wrong can be VERY damaging. Go ask anyone who has been hurt by one of the chiropractors in this town, and yes I know these cases exist.

But I tell you what, you all continue to go see your chiropractors. Just don't let them do anything that resembles anything I have done because rest assured if they try to perform my methods they have made the attempt to learn it by osmosis, and no, they are not accredited in the art. And when you're finally tired of their incompetent attempts of trying to fix your problems then you might be lucky enough to hope that I'm still around to do the job that should have been done to begin with.

Good enough?

Meanwhile anyone who is convinced that the politics of the chiropractic institution speaks for itself and sees the truth regarding the things I have been trying to tell the community for how many years now (?), well your welcome to come compare my methods with those of the chiropractors and the osteopaths. And just for good measure if you are still scared then go convince your doctor to let this experience happen in their own offices just in case they need to reach out and save you from the big bad red head.
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