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Tammy writes:

OK. Today we have six chiropractors that are obviously in the camp. I see that three are missing, these are Anderson, Kenyon, and Bartel. And so, first I need to say that if any of these three chiropractors would like to come to my office to discuss the opportunity of me referring my clientele to them for 'spinal manipulation' that now might be a good time. Of course we would have to come to an agreement of what that means and when it is appropriate.

You see, the issue really IS public safety and that is what I have been talking about for years now. I have approached the chiropractors in the community repeatedly in the hopes of getting them to learn my grandfather's methods and philosophy. The sad thing is that although I was allowed the opportunity of demonstrating Dr. Craton's technique on three chiropractors (Smith, Kampschroeder, Bartel) personally, they refused to carry it on to the public. Now does that mean that I did not help the named chiropractors or does it mean that they either didn't feel expert enough to stand in the presence of Craton, or that they just didn't want to actually learn enough to let their patients go because now they're well. Go figure.

The simple fact is that I do NOT perform 'spinal manipulation' as anything other than an adjunct to the cornerstone of the work. That cornerstone is not 'manipulation'. It is adjustment. And I predominantly do not even address the spinal column. Instead, I correctly adjust the position of the joints directly around the spinal column. This correction takes the stress off of the spinal column and then the column is allowed to straighten by itself in the course of time. I maintain that with the primary condition, of which I have mentioned above in reference to adjustment corrected, that any spinal manipulation done at that time can speed up the healing process if, and only if, the corrections that I have made are not disturbed by the chiropractor. And this is the problem; repeatedly I have correctly adjusted the atlanto-occipital joint to have one of my clients go to a chiropractor, because truthfully the public just doesn't fully understand these issues yet, only to have the chiropractor undo what I've done. The result is that my client will then come back to me complaining of a pinched nerve sensation in their neck and then I have to start all over again.

This will not do. Chiropractors, we need to get together and sit down at the table of science and moral debate for the safety of the public. I promise you that if we can do this, Enid will finally be on the map. I would like to get names like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Troy Aikman, Michael J. Fox, etc. over here. Don't you think that would be good for Enid?

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